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We’ve put so much love and research into our Squimbles premium nappies and products, we’re confident that you’ll love them!

Our Products

Premium Nappies

We know that babies are precious, so we've designed our nappies with that in mind. You won’t find any nasties like formaldehyde, harsh chemicals, lotions or fragrances. A wide stretchy waistband and large grip tabs ensure a cosy fit, so there's no leaks or explosions. The unique super absorbent core and anti-leak guards ensures wetness is locked away and keeps baby's bum dry and fresh.

Premium Wipes

Squimbles premium wipes are not only super soft, thick and absorbent they are enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile Extract. Our wipes are free from fragrance, alcohol and soap making them perfect for your baby’s gentle skin. Squimbles premium wipes are multi-purpose as they have been specially formulated to effectively clean delicate faces, dirty bottoms and messy hands.
no chlorine bleaching

No Harsh Chemicals

You won’t find any nasties like harsh chemicals, dyes or heavy metals in our nappies
no formaldehyde

No Formaldehyde

You won't find formaldehyde containing glues in our nappies
n fragrances

No Lotions Or Fragrances

You won’t find any lotions, fragrances, perfumes or odour blockers in our nappies

No Lead Based Inks

We use only water based inks in our nappies

Our Premium Nappy Features

Nappy Packs

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  • Medium Pack - 160 Premium Nappies
  • Large Pack - 128 Premium Nappies
  • Extra-Large pack - 96 Premium Nappies
  • Premium Wipes - 24 Packs of 80 Sheets
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Size Guide

We know that babies are not all the same so we have a range of sizes to choose from. Use the size guide below to see which size will suit your baby best.

Newborn Nappies Squimbles
Small Nappies Squimbles
Medium Nappies Squimbles
Large Nappies Squimbles
Extra Large Nappies Squimbles
Extra Large Nappies Squimbles

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