Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Squimbles is proudly Australian owned and operated.

We are 100% No Nasties and unlike some major nappy brands, we only use water-based
inks for our nappies. Water based inks are non-toxic as they are free from chemicals like
dyes, formaldehyde, lead and other heavy metals making Snuggies nappies safe for your
babies’ gentle and sensitive skin.

Squimbles nappies have gone through rigorous tests to ensure that they are a super absorbent
nappy with unique features that help contain leaks and explosions. Having said that, no nappy
can be 100% leak proof as nappies are prone to occasional leaks due to a host of factors; for
example, if your baby has had an irregular bowel movement or has passed urine after holding
it in for longer than usual or if the correct size of nappy has not been used. Try these tips to
help with leaks:
 Use the correct size nappy for your baby – if your baby is close to the upper limit of
the weight range of a Squimbles nappy you may wish to move up a size as the larger
size nappies have more absorbent material.
 Check to see that the nappy has been fitted properly – leaks may occur due to the
movements your baby may make or if the waist band or leg cuffs are folded in so run
your finger around the waist band and leg cuff.
 If your baby is experiencing irregular bowel movements, check your babies’ nappies
more frequently.

Absolutely. Squimbles is a premium nappy brand.

Squimbles are absolutely safe for your baby. At Squimbles, we have gone through great lengths to eliminate all harmful ingredients and materials from our nappies. That is why we are a 100% No Nasties nappy and you won’t find any harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, lotions, fragrances, perfumes, odour blockers, dyes, heavy metals, lead based ink and formaldehyde. Squimbles nappies are made in an ISO 9001 certified facility from safe ingredients that are commonly found in all nappies which are used by millions of babies around the world each day.

There are no known ingredients in Squimbles that may cause a nappy rash. In fact, Squimbles
nappies do not contain potential skin irritants such as fragrance, lotions or odour blockers making it a perfect nappy for a babies gentle, sensitive skin. The most common cause of a nappy rash is keeping a wet or soiled nappy on for too long. The best way to avoid nappy
rash is to promptly change a wet or soiled nappy.

No. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in our nappies.

You can order directly from our website or by contacting us via email or telephone.

Squimbles is a premium nappy that is affordable. Squimbles is not only designed to be super
absorbent with unique anti leak features, but more importantly, Squimbles is a 100% No
Nasties nappy with a cute and trendy design! Try us – we dare you!

At Squimbles, we have undertaken extensive research and gone through great lengths to
eliminate all toxic and other potential harmful ingredients and materials from our nappies.
When we say, No Nasties – Just Kisses, Hugs and Love, it means our nappies are free from
harmful and toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, odour blockers, dyes,
heavy metals, lead based ink and other ingredients such as lotions, fragrances  and
perfumes which may irritate your babies’ sensitive skin.

Wetness indicators contain dyes which are not in line with our “no nasties” policy. So we have left them out.

Squimbles nappies are made from similar ingredients used in nappies worldwide but the
Squimbles difference is that our nappies are 100% No Nasties! Like all nappies, Squimbles
nappies have a super-absorbent core made of fluff pulp and super absorbent material – which
is the key ingredient that draws away and locks in moisture keeping your babies’ skin dry and
fresh. Our nappies are produced from only the safest and finest
materials sourced from different parts of the world in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing
facility. All materials used in our nappies are continuously assessed for safety and are
manufactured and tested under stringent quality control processes.

Squimbles is a proudly Australian owned and operated company. Our nappies were
designed in Australia and the research, development and design phase of our nappies took
almost one year! In order to remain competitive, our nappies are manufactured offshore in
China under stringent quality control processes in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility.
The Squimbles nappy manufacturing facility is a world leader in manufacturing nappies and
was selected carefully for its cutting-edge technology, fair work practices, its various
accreditations amongst other things.

For your convenience our nappies are available in small packs of 24, 32 and 40 nappies (depending on the size), so you can easily try them out.

Yes you can. We have a range of Nappy Packs of 96, 128 and 160 nappies and supply these at competitive prices to child care centres and other institutions. Feel free to contact us if you have a special requirement.

Yes. We ship products to customers in Australia. Please see our  shipping options.