Our Premium Nappy Features

We understand that keeping your baby dry and comfortable is a number one priority – that’s why we’ve built in these features into our nappies – take a look…

Wide Stretchy Waistband

With comfort in mind, we've designed our nappies to be snug and secure.

Comfy Fit

A wide stretchy waistband that ensures a comfy fit.
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Large Grip Tabs

Grips designed for an easy hold, making nappy changes hassle-free.

Easy Nappy Changes

Grip tabs that are simple to adjust and fasten
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Ultra Soft Inner

A soft inner lining with a cotton-like feel

Reduced Irritation

Enhanced comfort that's gentle on your baby's delicate skin.
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Soft Curved Cuffs

Super stretchy curved leg cuffs with reduced gaps.

Perfect Fit

Flexible for that perfect fit, with freedom to move
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Super Absorbent Core

Instantly draws moisture away from baby’s skin.

Keeps Baby's Skin Dry

Locks away wetness for up to 12 hours* (*hours may vary depending on baby’s urine volume)
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Anti-Leak Guards

Custom designed leak guards to help prevent leaks and explosions.

Leak Protection

Keeps baby dry and comfortable so they sleep better
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Breathable Backsheet

Perforated, cloth-like fee with good air-flow

Lots Of Ventilation

Maximum air circulation keeps your baby’s skin dry and fresh.
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squimbles no nasties nappies

No Nasties

You won’t find any nasties like, harsh chemicals, lotions or fragrances

Because Babies Are Precious

Keeping your baby away from all that bad stuff.
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Super Stylish Design

A nappy that is a smart choice AND looks good!

Kisses, hugs and love!

Because that's what babies are made of.
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