Our Story

100% Aussie Owned

Ever wondered what your baby’s disposable nappy is made of?

As parents, we definitely have!

After innumerable nappy explosions (you know what we mean!!) and a few chronic cases of nappy rash, we were determined to find answers to the burning question that was on top of our minds, “What are disposable nappies made of?”.

After tonnes of research, we discovered that some nappies contained ingredients that we couldn’t even pronounce. We were intrigued. We knew our babies deserved better so we were determined to create a no nasties premium nappy that is affordable and above all a nappy that does the job and by doing the job we mean – no leaks and explosions!

It took us just over a year to research, design and develop our unique premium nappies. Squimbles is a no nasties premium nappy and by no nasties, we mean no formaldehyde, no harsh chemicals, no lotions or fragrances. We use water-based inks on our premium nappies – so you can be assured there are no harsh dyes or inks. 

In case you didn’t know, Squimbles means to be in love with another person’s love story without jealousy and for all the mammas out there…when your little darling kicks in your tummy that is also known as a Squimble – who knew?! That amazing feeling is unlike anything else. It has to be the purest form of love for someone you haven’t even met yet!! Which is why we chose Squimbles as our brand name. Oh, and in case if you were wondering what our trendy design represents, it represents – Kisses, Hugs and Love…because that’s what babies are made of!

Squimbles are manufactured under stringent quality control processes by an ISO 9001 certified facility. Our premium nappies have been through rigorous tests and have been tried and tested by real mums on their babies. We are truly thankful to all those mums and bubs that took part in our trials and tests – your feedback has been invaluable as it has assisted us in developing and refining our product and creating, our premium no nasties nappy; Squimbles! 

Check out all the features of our nappies here and some real reviews from those mums that have come to love Squimbles.

If you’re thinking of switching to a new brand of nappies – try us – you’ll be glad you made the switch!